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"Inspirts are like the sun. You shine on us and light up the world around us, always staying by our side."
- Jang Dongwoo


Hello! Since 2013 is ending soon and I’ve already been on tumblr for 3 years, I’ve decided to make my very first follow forever! For these amazing blogs that filled my dash with pure awesomeness, thank you! ^-^  (please let me know if your link has changed)


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gyusuks’ first follow forever (2014 edition):

Hello! Happy new year and Chinese New Year for those who celebrate it! (≧◉◡◉≦)*✲゚* This is actually my first follow forever since the two years I’ve been active on this account (I’m a pretty crappy procrastinator, mind me). I wanted to do this FF to thank all the wonderful people with amazing blogs who make my days better, my beautiful followers who talk to me and are oh-so-sweet! I hope that I can meet and talk to you all some more in 2014.

(Mutual follows are in bold while accounts I look up to, senpais if that tickles you fancy, are in italic) I’m probably missing a few people that I follow, but please do check my blogroll if you want to follow more amazing bloggers!


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Mostly, thank you to all of my followers who think my blog is decent enough follow in the first place. I don’t say much, so this is why I’m taking the time now to say how much I appreciate each and everyone of you. Don’t think I don’t see you guys when you like or reblog ;3 It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And even though I don’t follow back every single blog back, I do check them out once in a while ^-^ You guys are really precious and may you be infinitized some more  in 2014 my darlings. 


So basically you can vote for a bill that would set out a certain number of measures against sasaeng fans’ illegal ways of chasing/stalking idols and limit their infractions such as the leak of private informations (private SNS sharing, voyeurism, leaked password, phone number and social security number) unauthorized home invasion, physical and psychological harassment and the list goes on and on, all acts that consist a threat to their rights

It doesn’t even limit to the celebrities but also the entire population as they are causing noise nuisance in public places (restaurants, airports…) and endangering lives. Take for example the “fans” chasing celebrities by taxi at high speed: they’re ignoring the speed limit and it can lead to traffic accidents (sometimes really serious, remember super junior).

Thanks to this law, the government would be able to impose a concrete punishment to this kind of “fans” (psychological counseling, fines, seizing of cameras and other iterms, community service…) and take into account the role of the parents and the community on their acts and thus limit the repetiton of such incidents. This bill aims for a diminution of the idols stress, accidents and a positive change in fan-culture

Please go to page 2 of this page (MOLEG’s website) and look for #78. After that, scroll down and look for the white 추천 button and click it!

I don’t know if things will really change after that but I believe we can make a change together. Someone really  need to put an end to those immoral, obsessive and criminal behaviors, for the sake of all the idols and their relatives. 

(credit) I wrote this post but this is @notoriouswag who first tweeted about the existence of this bill and how we could vote. I had to share this so I made this post, thanks a lot. If you have a twitter account please retweet her so that everyone can see it!

twinkxiumin asked: you're deleting your blog?? but i just followed you ;n;

LOL I….I’m sorry

lauralovesgyu asked: you're one of the first blogs i followed, so i'll be sad you're gone and miss you ;_;

awwwww that’s so sweet but now I feel bad I’m sorry for making you sad :(

you’re so precious thank you 

sehunsfw-deactivated20140615 asked: i'll miss seeing yo on my dash but i wish you all the best!

aww thank you very much ♥ I’ll miss you lovelies too 

but like I said I have a giveaway to do and I have no idea when I can get to it, so it might still be a little while until I become “Not found.” lol

akarichaser asked: aw why do you want to delete this blog? is everything alright?

everything is fine don’t worry! ;u; it’s just been too long and I’ve filled my satisfaction, now it’s time to change and move on. ehehehe.

Anonymous asked: Why are you deleting your blog!

I don’t feel any satisfaction coming on here anymore so there’s really no point. before I said I’d simply go on a permanent hiatus but that just ended up being “I’m not going to post but I’m going to still log onto this account when I’m bored just because it’s there even though I don’t enjoy it”, and doing that was just annoying.

and whenever I do log on, it’s so utterly pointless. I don’t gain any happiness, I don’t have any feelings for my blog or for the contents of my dash. it might even make me a little upset because this was something that I used to be so emotionally attached to, and I just don’t feel it anymore. plus there’s other things in life I need to focus on and keeping a blog that I don’t care for at all is a bit of a hindrance.

tl;dr my feelings and priorities have changed, and I feel uncomfortable if there are loose ends so I feel better if I just cut them off. I want to let go and move on. :)

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